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Pershore Hire Centre is Pershore and Worcestershire's go-to company for tool hire, mini digger hire and a range of equipment and machinery hire.  The perfect place to rent DIY tools and building equipment, we offer competitive rates and flexible contracts. Whether for a quick home DIY or a commercial build, chat with Pershore’s tool hire experts. 

1 Tonne Micro Digger

The micro digger is designed to work in the most confined of spaces. It is easily accessible if you are restricted with narrow entrances. The micro digger also comes with folding roll bars if you need to drive through a doorway to access site. This machine can be used for digging foundations, ponds, and trenches. 

1.7 Tonne Mini Digger

The mini digger a very similar machine to the micro digger but boasts more power and control for excavation. It can under carry the digging of foundations, trenches and ponds making the whole process a lot less time consuming. 

3.0 Tonne Digger

The 3.0 Tonne Digger is designed to cope with the larger excavating tasks. Its powerful and well-balanced arm & bucket allow you to dig faster and deeper in the toughest of conditions. It also offers a zero-tail swing which benefits those with a small workspace area. This machine is ideal for construction work.

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